Expert In-House Liquid Supplement Contract Manufacturing Gives You Premium Quality At Unbeatable Prices

What Pereira Herbal Can Do For You

Take your current manufacturing needs (herbals, nutraceuticals, combinations, etc…) and get them produced cheaper, faster, and with excellent communication! (No more waiting forever for a call/email back)

Make available 25 years of combined experience in supplement contract manufacturing. Allowing us to provide extensive ingredient availability to support niche and mainstream formulations.

Apply our in-house proprietary herbal extraction and cutting-edge nutraceutical preparation methods. Giving us the ability to handle orders big and small, with short lead times and unbeatable prices.

Up to the minute and deep understanding of constantly changing amazon requirements. Including: compliance, documentation, and FBA prep.

In house fulfillment: connect your Shopify, Walmart, eBay etc… accounts and we’ll fulfill them for you, with your inserts.

Whether it’s matching an already successful product or adding to your line – the Pereira Herbal team makes your vision a reality with excellent communication the whole way.

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    All of the following are available (and more):

    How Does Ordering with Us Work?

    3 Simple Steps Take Your Inspiration to A Finished Product.

    We know that no two businesses are the same. Keeping that in mind, we’ve helped businesses scale from garage sized to multi-location success stories. Whether your initial order is large or small, we will ensure that you have the highest quality formula, fastest turn around times, and the most competitive margins so you can GROW!

    No two businesses are the same. We’ve helped businesses scale from 1-room offices into 50,000 square-foot success stories. Whether your orders are large or small, we’ll ensure you have the most competitive margins for optimal growth.

    Already have a formula in mind? Great! Our team of natural health experts stay at the forefront of herbal nutrition and guide you with invaluable insights into the most cutting-edge health trends. With breakthrough research happening all the time, we’ll make sure your formula is always two steps ahead of the competition.

    You’ll also receive our expertise with ingredient profiles. We’ve made a complicated subject like nutrition simple and easy to communicate to your customers. These ingredient profiles are filled with everything you need to create the most compelling, persuasive offers imaginable.

    Most liquid supplement manufacturers use a hot alcohol-extraction method that can damage ingredients, render them ineffective, and even ‘spoil’ the formula faster. We extract our formulas within an alcohol-free, target-temperate-controlled aqueous extraction medium with glycerol so you get the most out of every ingredient and ensure your formula is preserved for a long time.

    Rest assured, we test every formula for purity and have stringent in-house quality assurance testing. Your product is tested for potency and quality by a 3rd party before we ship it to you.

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